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What we are NOT !!!

  • We are "NOT" an Internet provider.
  • We do "NOT" charge or bill anyone.
  • We do "NOT" provide Internet access.
  • We do "NOT" provide Internet support services.

What we do !

  • We do list cheap and low cost dial up Internet service providers for you to compare.
  • We do compare low cost DSL & cable high speed broadband Internet service providers.
  • We do list and compare cheap and low cost web hosting providers.
  • We also provide informative ISP provider and web hosting related information and articles.


  • Internet service provider terms can change and we can not guarantee all provider content to be accurate.
  • Please investigate any ISP offer found here with the respective Internet provider and make your own informed decision.
  • All logos and trademarks are property of their respective companies.
  • All information provided here is subject to change.
  • We will not be held liable for any unknown misrepresentation of any Internet, ISP, or Web Hosting offer listed here.
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